Frequently Asked Questions

Why Drink Happy Java CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is the combination of two of our three favorite molecules: caffeine and cannabidiol. CBD coffee is a great way to enjoy the benefits of both CBD and coffee in one delicious cup. Both substances CBD and coffee, are known to increase the level of the “HAPPY” hormone called serotonin, which affects your mood positively. Therefore, by combining CBD and coffee you get the best of both worlds: A relaxing and soothing effect from CBD, and a stimulating and uplifting effect from coffee. CBD coffee can help you start your day with a smile, or unwind after a long day with a calm mind.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

What is the difference between hemp andhemp and marijuana are both members of the same plant species, called cannabis sativa l. Plants included in this classification can contain different spectrums of cannabinoid concentrations. To keep it simple, hemp plants are defined as any cannabis plant that has 0.3% or less thc, and conversely, marijuana is defined as any cannabis sativa plant that has greater than 0.3% thc therefore hemp plants cannot get you “high”.

Where is your hemp sourced?

Our CBD is sourced from an organic hemp farm in Oregon, USA

Where is your coffee sourced?

Our coffee is sourced from the countries of origin. We use premium quality coffee beans using sustainable and fair practices through relationships from Fair trade coffee farmers around the world that is then micro roasted to perfection for your consumption.

What to expect when you drink CBD coffee?

Although it varies from person to person (depending on your weight, metabolism, tolerance and other variables} you can expect from the very first sip of CBD coffee, you’ll feel the effects of the caffeine immediately just like you would with a regular cup of java. Those good feelings should get you through until the CBD kicks and you should expect a relaxed calm, mood boosting feeling. However, we advise like every other edible, the effects can be stronger and/or last longer based on digestion and absorption that take time. So, it pays to be patient and allow your body to do its thing. We recommend starting with a 6 oz cup (1-2 tbsp ground coffee) and go by how you feel.

What is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is a delightful blend that combines the stimulating effects of coffee with the potential benefits of CBD (cannabidiol). The caffeine in coffee provides an energy boost, while CBD may offer calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s like a match made in heaven for those seeking a unique beverage experience.

How Does CBD Coffee Work?

The combination of CBD and coffee aims to provide alertness without the typical jitters associated with caffeine. Some people find it helps reduce anxiety while still keeping them focused and energized.

Is CBD Coffee Legal?

The legality of CBD coffee varies by location. In states where hemp-derived CBD is permitted in food and beverages, you’ll find CBD-infused coffee available.